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We will be updating this section to present this info to you in a much better manner.  Until then, here is what you need to know about how quickly we can complete your emrboidery order.

Generally, embroidery takes 2 weeks and can sometimes take as long as 3 weeks depending on the amount of orders before yours in the que for production.  Larger orders of 400+ pieces will generally take closer to 3 weeks. 

In detail, this is how it works:
DAY 1  - Order Placed
DAY 2-5 - Artwork produced, proofed and/or revised
DAY 6-8 - Art files DIGITIZED... meaning converted into a language the embroidery machine will understand to let it know where, when, what and how to stitch
DAY 9 - Garments received in shop and counted for accuracy.  Order placed into position for production.
DAY 10-12 - Garments embroidered.  It is usually done on the same day, but it is necessary to allow multiple days to wait it's turn at production.
DAY 13 - Completed order shipped from embroidery production shop.
DAY 14 - Order received at retail store and ready for you to pick-up.

DAY 15-21 - These extra days are sometimes necessary during busier times of the year when there may be a longer line of orders waiting for production.  Also at times, due to an order shipping out on Friday or Saturday, we may not receive it until the following Tuesday which creates an additional 2-3 days of time.  And, finally, this extra time is almost always necessary for larger orders of 400+ pieces.